As I sit down to start my very first blog post on a shiny new blog, it’s exactly 9:45pm on December 31st, 2013. I’m counting down the minutes – to midnight, sure – but also to 10 o’clock so I can log into the Turkish Airlines website and complete the online check-in and hopefully score myself a window seat for my flight(s) tomorrow.

All day, I’ve been really… really surprised by how calm I am. I have literally been working towards this goal for over a year. Now it’s here – I leave tomorrow, and I am so calm. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a year to think about this, but I am just so completely and utterly ready. I’ve done everything I could possibly do to prepare. I’m packed. I have my tickets. I have my passport. I have my iPod. What else could a girl need?

I’m taking a bus to the airport. The weather is complete crap at the moment, and being New Year’s Day, I wanted to spare my parents the (potentially) stressful drive to Chicago. I think it will be easier for me, too. I can take the bus ride to unwind before I have to navigate O’Hare. I’ve never travelled alone before, but I’m not even nervous about it.

Maybe someday I’ll write about the hows or the whys that inspired my decision to drop everything and take this new path. Frankly, they’re not that interesting. I know, without any doubt or hesitation whatsoever, that this is the right move for me right now. My friends and family – my wonderful friends and family – have been so fantastic and supportive, and I really think that has made all the difference. I don’t think I could do this without their love and support. It’s so hard to leave people behind, but everyone knows how important this is to me. They support me. They’re my heroes.

It’s 9:57pm now, so I’ll wrap this up. As first posts go, I’m afraid this was pretty unexciting. I feel like a diver poised at the top of the diving board, waiting for the bell to sound. Tick-tock, my friends. Tick-tock.


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