“Do you think Peter Gallagher will adopt us?”

Well it’s approximately break time o’clock, so I think I’m due for another update!

We basically had a long weekend, which was really nice. Friday we didn’t have class, but I was there for a couple hours anyway. I had my 10-minute meeting with Dan, and he told me that I’m “passing comfortably.” So as long as this last week isn’t a complete train-wreck, I should be fine. Hurray!

After that I worked on the paper about my 1×1 student for about an hour at the school. A little bit later, I went back to the Globe with Kelly, Sam, and Sierra to study – and by study I mean accomplish mostly nothing but taking some online quizzes and learning about some fascinating new medical conditions (eg: “the octopus”). We were there for several hours, so studying *cough* eventually turned into pivos (pic below). There was also a really good guitar player doing 90’s covers, so we were all pretty excited about that. We wanted to make friends with her, and it turns out that yelling, “HEY KATE, LET’S BE FRIENDS,” across a crowded bar is a totally legitimate way to make friends.


Pivos at the Globe.

On Saturday most of us had signed up for an extra seminar on teaching young learner’s, so that took up about 6 hours of the day yesterday. It was taught by a girl named Tricia, who it turns out was a trainer at TEFL Worldwide back when my sister did the course in 2009. She was really awesome, and got me super-excited about teaching kids. It’s basically all about being really colorful and engaging, and simplifying things as much as possible, because kids don’t have long attention spans. I honestly think I’ll be great at it, because I’m pretty much a child myself. It’ll probably take me some time to find what works best for me, but once I do I think it’ll be really wonderful.

I spent the rest of the day Saturday working on my paper in bits and pieces, and then today has been pretty much the same, but I got laundry done as well. What a productive day!

This week is going to be nuts. Our papers are due tomorrow morning, and then we have class all day. I teach Tuesday afternoon, and our grammar presentations are due on Wednesday morning. Thursday morning we have the big grammar test, and then I teach again Thursday afternoon. And that’s pretty much it. The other group teaches Friday afternoon, but I’m sure at least the people in my group will begin our celebrations on Thursday night. 🙂 We’ll have the weekend to celebrate, and then I’m on a bus to Germany on Sunday.

It’s hard to believe that I will have already left Prague by this time next week – I honestly don’t know where this month has gone! I’m of course excited to get a job and start teaching for real, I’m really starting to get sad about saying goodbye to the lovely friends I’ve made here. I guess we’ll just have to visit each other, wherever we all end up. That’s the best part about being World Travelers, after all.


“Studying” at the Globe.

Love from Prague!


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2 Responses to “Do you think Peter Gallagher will adopt us?”

  1. heatherinde says:

    I miss “studying” at the Globe. Jealous.

  2. reallyholly says:

    It’s a pretty spectacular “study” location.

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