Nailed It!

What. A. Week!

I’ve officially completed the TEFL program! Yay! We’re having our little graduation-event in a few hours. I am so looking forward to celebrating with my friends. We’ve all worked so friggin’ hard for this. It’s time to let loose! (OK, the letting loose technically started last night…)

Monday we all turned in the big paper on our individual students. We had class as usual, and and spent most of the night working on our lesson plans for Tuesday. Tuesday we got our papers back in the morning and I was relieved to find that I did well and passed that particular obstacle. It would’ve been a real problem to have to re-do that beast of a paper with everything else going on this week!

Tuesday afternoon we taught as usual. Emma and I were unobserved, and I thought both lessons went fine. We were teaching an Intermediate level group this time. I did a writing lesson which was a lot of fun. After that it was back home to get to work on the grammar presentation for Wednesday morning.

Wednesday was all about grammar, and we went through the presentations in the reverse order of our first presentation, so I was second-to-last. I taught Future Continuous, and Kenny said it went really well, so of course I passed! We didn’t teach on Wednesday, so once again it was back home to get to work studying for Thursday morning’s grammar test (dun dun dunnnnn) and lesson planning for our final lessons on Thursday afternoon. Wednesday night was a late, late night for me.

Thursday morning we got right into the grammar test. This was by far the hardest test I’ve ever taken in my life. It was also really tightly time-constrained. I barely finished, and I think a few people may not have finished at all. Anyway, we needed a 60% to pass, which seems really low to me, but with the European grading system, anything above a 70% is considered really quite good. After the test I went to lunch** with a couple of friends and then it was back to school to get our test scores. I ended up doing really well (72% ya’ll!), but was surprised to find a lot of people did not pass. I get why, though. That test was damn hard.

(**On an unrelated note, I’d like to present to you a picture of a bagel. One of the restaurants in the mall has a “Wisconsin Bagel,” pictured below. It consists of: onions, chicken, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese all on a toasted bagel. I probably never would have ordered it if it were not called the Wisconsin Bagel, but of course I had to try it. It was absolutely delicious, and yeah, if Wisconsin really was a bagel, this would be it.)


“Wisconsin Bagel”

After the test we taught our last lesson. I taught first, a reading lesson about Urban Legends, and totally managed to involve my friend Duck in the activities. Score! Once we were done a few of us re-grouped and went out for dinner and drinks (pics below). It was a lot of fun. The other group had to teach their last lesson today, so we’ll go out again after our graduation this evening, and I’m psyched to go out with the whole group.


Celebratory pivos!




Duck makes a friend.

This morning I met up with Kelly and Tony and we went to breakfast at a little café and then wandered for quite a while. It was a really good relaxing morning, and I’m glad we got the chance to do that. Plus we went back to the Lennon Wall which, as we all know by now, is definitely one of my very favorite spots in Prague.


The Lennon Wall.

So that’s it, folks. We’re done! We did it!

Honestly, I am so proud. I’ve never worked this hard for anything in my life, and it’s been so wonderful. I just can’t wait to get a job and get started so that all this hard work pays off. Now I’ve got today and tomorrow to enjoy myself with my pals, and then it’s off to Deutschland on Sunday. It’ll be exciting to go somewhere new, but I’ll admit that I absolutely love this city and these people and saying goodbye is going to be harder than I ever thought it would be.

But first, we celebrate!

Love from Prague!


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