About Me

Hello! My name is Holly.

Welcome to my blog! It’s all about my assorted adventures/shenanigans as I travel the world… Or at least a few parts of it. I’ve been a handful of places, and over the next few years I intend to see, oh, at least a handful more.

I began the blog just before I departed for Prague on January 1st, 2014. After six crazy weeks in the Czech Republic and Germany, I returned to the US for a short visit before finally departing in April of 2014 for my new life as an ESL instructor in Seoul, South Korea.

I use this blog to keep my friends and family updated on my adventures, but also to share my experiences in the TEFL program and as an ESL teacher with others who may be interested in giving this bizarre but amazing path a try. For me it’s been absolutely wonderful so far, and after two years I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Thanks for stopping by!



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